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SBC Conseil
Financial Advisors
1221 Dunraven Rd 
H3P 2M3, Montréal, Qc. Canada
T: 1 514 998 3190
F: 1 514 221 3671
SBC Conseil is a Montréal-based private Financial Advisory Services Company specialized in Private Equity, Acquisitions, and other related financial instruments. SBC Conseil provides those services to a limited number of organisations and high metworth individuals on a referral basis only.

SBC Conseil has been founded by Dr. Sami B. Chaouch. After earning his Phd. in Paris-Dauphine University in 1990, Dr. Chaouch has served as a Senior Investment Banker in Tunis, Geneva, Jeddah, Cairo (Egypt), and later as President and CEO of an IFC Montreal-affiliated financial institution.

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